Blenheim: Battle for Europe (Hardback)


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Shortlisted for History Book of the Year at the 2005 National Book Awards, and becoming a first Sunday Times best-seller for Earl Spencer, Blenheim is the tale of the thrilling campaign that produced the first British military triumph on European soil since Agincourt, 300 years earlier.

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By the summer of 1704 Louis XIV’s vast armies dominated Europe. France defeated every alliance formed against her and Louis was poised to extend his frontier to the Rhine and install a French prince on the throne of Spain.

Two men saved Europe from French military domination: the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Savoy. Marlborough masterminded a brilliant campaign, working with Eugene to surprise the French invaders inside Germany. The rival armies clashed in August and the hitherto unbeaten French were utterly destroyed.

Blenheim was a major turning point in European history. Charles Spencer’s narrative is drawn from original sources and moves seamlessly from the deliberations of kings and princes to the frontline soldiers. This is the battle that creates the enduring reputation of the British redcoat and shatters the image of the ‘Sun King’ and his mighty army.

“A shrewd and persuasive reassessment of the personalities involved”

— The Telegraph

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